Terraform: AWS ECS

ECS stands for Elastic Container Service. It is an Amazon Web Services proprietary Container Management Platform for running docker containers. This article guides the reader on how to provision an ECS cluster using Terraform. We can provision 2 types of ECs cluster on AWS Cloud Platform. ECS cluster with Fargate: Provides a Serverless cluster with … Continue reading Terraform: AWS ECS

Terraform: AWS EC2 with SSM Agent Installed

Terraform is one of the Infrastructure as Code tools used to automate the provisioning of cloud resources. This article explains how to create an EC2 instance with systems manager (SSM) installed using Terraform. Systems Manager is an AWS service for server management. It is useful for: Automating tasks you would like to run on your … Continue reading Terraform: AWS EC2 with SSM Agent Installed

Terraform: AWS VPC

VPC. Stands for Virtual Private Cloud. It allows one to create their own private network within AWS cloud platform. Terraform is an automation tool used to provision infrastructure/resources on our cloud environments. It is one of the IaC (Infrastructure as Code) tools. The others include: AnsibleCloudFormation (AWS proprietary). This article guides the user through creating … Continue reading Terraform: AWS VPC